Writing without having the pressure of people liking it

This article is not one that teaches you how to do it because I am also on my own journey to write.

Today I woke up with this question running in my head. What would be like to write without the pressure of being liked or being judged? I am obsessing over this because I am procrastinating. I am planning to write a children’s book, with fairytales and I am postponing it. I was thinking that I am not in the mood but I think I am just mortified. When I step to my desk, I take the whole world with me and I am not able to concentrate, in order to write.

I managed to escape the voices when I post on my blog but the voices I have when I am writing for my book seem to be like a 7 headed dragon. When I manage to cut one head, 10 more appear. I am writing this in order to learn more from other people. I would love to read answers on how anyone manages this.

One of the suggestions I found is to have a ritual. I am trying to think about one but my mind refuses to start. I have a weird fantasy in which I can just sit at the laptop, take a deep breath and break all my mental chains. I think I am creatively restrained and I do not have a key to free myself.

I painted once high and I think this is why people use substances, they try to leave the world behind so they can hear their voice. I refuse to do that anymore so I am able only to fantasize. I think I will try to find mindfulness music or some breathing technics and I will update you if something happens.

Maybe I will be able to do this easily now because I am aware now that I am taking the world with me when I go word hunting. Next time I will imagine myself going into a room, locking the door, and seeing myself, alone, at the desk.

Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

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