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Overeating – what worked for me

I used to believe that I am eating because I am making up for emotional problems and that was the perfect excuse for my overeating. I am happy that I was never binging but I used to overindulge. 

Last week I started going to therapy and I brought that into the discussion because this was one of my issues. My therapist was really honest and told me that we can speak about it but she believed that it is all about control and that we would waste time. I am not saying that this is 100% true, I believe this is a complex issue, but her explanation worked wonders for me.

I think I let myself use this as an excuse because I got really lazy. Last year I managed to have balanced meals, lose weight and maintain things ok. I think we all can get into traps, our brain is really good at getting its ways. I think food is addictive, especially sweets and chips and we need to take care of ourselves. 

Some people are better at this, I tend to easily get addicted to things so for me it is extra hard. Last night I dreamt I wanted a cigarette after 1000 days since I quit. My brain loves alcohol, food, and smoking so I have to be extra careful. 

I do not know if someone needs to hear this but I needed to. The next day I refused 3 types of cheesecake at work and managed to track my calories. I am also almost after 69 kg, started to work out, do yoga and meditate.

I needed someone to burst my bullshit bubble and now I am back to wanting to be a better person.

Today I plan to do some low-impact cardio and some exercises for my arms. I am happy to use Fiton app again, together with Dr. K’s guide and yoga with Adriene.

I think I will also write an article about my tools to get better after I lose 5 kg.

Remember: whatever you eat, will not fill the void. Control is the key. 

Photo by Tim Goedhart on Unsplash

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