Reblog or Repost? Is There a Difference? (reblog)

Thank you fot this. It was on my mind since last week. I reblog things that are interesting for me, wanting to share them with people, not to steal work..

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Recently I was asked by a fellow WordPress blogger to remove my reblog of one of their posts. Of course I had no problem doing so; I simply apologised and deleted it, making a note to not reblog them in the future. That would have normally been the end of it, but for something else they wrote in the course of requesting said removal which stuck in my mind, because I can be a bit of a stickler sometimes, and it eventually inspired me to write this article in order to clarify something.

This mutual (who, should they deign to read this, might understandably choose to unfollow me) called my reblog of their post a “repost”, unnecessarily threatened litigation, and also made sneering reference to my “many… reposts of other people’s work“, adding that to them “that is not blogging”.

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3 thoughts on “Reblog or Repost? Is There a Difference? (reblog)”

  1. I just recently used another’s blog as part of my own. It was related content, I gave credit to the original author, and made a direct link to the original blog (encouraging others to check it out). Is this not okay anymore? I thought as long as credit was given where it’s owed, then all is good in the world. Have things changed?

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    1. Hello, I googled if that is ok and on google people were saying it is not ok. I also find it normal, I repost things that I find useful, that can also help others. No one got mad on me yet, I hope it will stay the same.

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