Writing helps you find yourself

I read that you should establish your objective in the morning in order to get organized. After 3 years of writing in the morning, I tend to agree. The only thing that I observed during the last months is that objectives change.

I remember that, in the beginning, I used to write about everything that used to frustrate me, I was focused on the negative so much. I think I used to write about how hard was to quit smoking, how everything is on my nerves.

In time, I changed my focus from the negative to the more positive stuff. I love to write about my immediate actions and what I will do later that day.

I have all of my journals but I am not ready yet to read them. I feel that I might not recognize that person and that thing scares me a lot. 

All I know now is that my primary objective, every morning, is to be happy and have a nice day. I have to admit that this helps a lot and I have a good day most of the time. I think I will have to learn more ways to say ‘happy’ because I am saying that a lot in my 3 pages per day. 

I don’t think this article has a specific point, I think we just evolve as people and writing help us keep track of the new person we became. I am still trying to say 5 things that I think I am in 2022. I will take a leap of faith and just write them down here. I spent too much time thinking about that. 

  1. I am a woman trying to find herself
  2. I am an artist finding so healing
  3. I am honest.
  4. I am creative.
  5. I am a hard worker. 
Photo by Marc Schaefer on Unsplash

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