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Drawing advice and updates

As I mention a few times before here, I love drawing but because I did not go to art school, I had no idea where to start. I spend a lot of years in denial and other years telling myself I draw bad and I should learn more. I will add below a list of tools that helped me and some suggestions I have.

  1. After all this time, I found the perfect youtube video. I am following the advice mentioned there and now I am obsessed with drawing bull skulls, in a more tattoo style. I think it is really useful to start small, with a rock, a tree and read and learn about them, daily. I learned how to draw trees last week and also learned more about shadows. The video will be posted below.

Getting GREAT At Sketching – Try This One Thing

  1. Another great resource is http://www.drawabox.com . I love them and that community helped me a lot to practice and teach my hand how to move and make marks on the paper. The videos can also help you understand and manage your inner critic. 
  2. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon – amazing, short book. I was at first skeptical when I read the word ’steal’ but I found the book and the advice quite refreshing. There are some things there that I started to notice and it felt good to have a confirmation.The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron – perfect to handle inner critic.
  3. Google everything. I love to do this and learn so much every day. This is also a piece of advice from the book.
  4. I try to draw daily but put less pressure on myself. I can just sketch a skull fast, at work, on a break.
  5. Try to learn some graphic design basics in order to understand layouts. I am following this playlist on youtube. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYfCBK8IplO4E2sXtdKMVpKJZRBEoMvpn

This is where I am now. I am still learning and I am still getting obsessed over subjects. I think this is my calling and I just want to draw and be happy. 

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