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Wacom Intuos Medium Drawing Tablet for Drawing

I do not know if this can be called a review because I have no idea why this table is different from the others.  

I think I wanted to write this as a way to celebrate myself. I made my first digital drawing and I am proud. I always wanted to try this but I never had the money to afford it. 

I decided to learn Krita, it was quite famous on the internet but I also played a little in Blender. Blender is for 3D art, I like the sculpture part.

Krita seems to be easy to learn, I will also add below the youtube link I used to learn the basics. I have to admit I only made 50 minutes until now but it was enough to help me start my own work. It was quite fun to draw with a pen. I was really scared of that, I did not touch my tablet for a few days because I was scared of failing. 

I like this type of art, it is really easy to make because you can always erase it. It is fun and I think I am more relaxed.

Today I will go back to the tutorial, to finish it and after that I would like to make some step-by-step art, to try to understand it better. Below I added a link to the youtube tutorial, 2 drawings, and a link to learn more about the tablet.

Learning new stuff is always fun, I hope this will stick more :P.


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