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Weight loss diary – week 8

31st of January 2022 – Monday

I am happy. I think going to therapy will help me a lot with my emotional eating. I am tired now, I ate chia pudding with fruits and vegetable yogurt, a salad, fried egg, and some sausages. I love that I can eat salads now so yay. I eat fruits and nuts when I crave sweets. Last night I had frozen fruits and they were amazing. It felt like eating ice cream.

1st of February 2022 – Tuesday

Today I was really proud of myself. We had lunch at work and I ordered a small portion of pasta instead of a big portion. Usually, I felt so full and sleepy after the restaurant pasta but today it was ok. Small victories 🙂 I also had Alpro yogurt with pecan nuts for breakfast and it was amazing. This is my new favorite dessert/ breakfast. 

2nd of February 2…Yeah, I can not do this. I am having a little rough time. Next week I start therapy and I am not in a good place. I will have to talk about things that I believed are long-buried so I need to keep an eye on that. Counting calories is something that I can do easily when I have a clear mind but not now. I am stable in my weight, I lost 500 grams last week, did not add any but I am tired. 

I will get back to this after my mental health improves. I think I need to take baby steps for a while, I tend to add a lot to my plate and juggle with everything, trying to prove myself I can.

Thank you all for your understanding and support!

Photo by Finn on Unsplash

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