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Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic?

By now, we have all experienced a long pandemic period.  How it’s this impacting us?

Last year I started going back to the office, as my activity requires me to be present most of the time. For months, I struggled with an anxiety feeling and I could not put my finger on it. I was also trying to keep under control other things so I could not spend a lot of time digging after this.

Last month, I was on holiday so I managed to get it. I was anxious when I needed to leave the house. I was ok at my job, I was ok with my commute as I always listen to podcasts and play, so it did not make any sense.

A friend at work went on a city break with his kid (11 years old) and the kid had a meltdown at the hotel, saying that he wants to go home. I have to mention that this small person is used to traveling, never had issues with this before the pandemic. While we were speaking about this, my friend told me that he and his wife also have issues when leaving the house. They used to be really spontaneous, traveling every weekend so for them, this was also weird.

Are we all getting a little Agoraphobic? I know that I was starting to be. I am managing my anxiety right now, especially because I have to leave the home almost daily so I get exposed to that. I saw that people around me are getting more and more comfortable working from home and you can feel the tension around them when they have to get back to the office.

Please take care of your mental health, I am all in for spending time at home but I think we should be doing this from a healthy stand.

Photo by Kellen Riggin on Unsplash

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