Why losing weight won’t make you happy

I used to be overweight and I believed that if I lose weight, I will be happier.

I am writing this because I had a major realization two days ago. 

We live in a world that is really focused on the outside. We are surrounded by videos that see self-care as a mask or using better cosmetics. I think a mask can be good for you, but how about your mental health?

I am not judging because I also started with face masks, bubble baths, and losing weight, but it was never enough to have mental peace. I started to get better mentally after I started to learn about myself, remember traumatic things, and work on myself. I recommended before on this blog CBT and journaling, important tools for evolution.

My realization was that I am happy now and this is making me less motivated to lose weight. I know now that being skinny won’t make me happier. I am trying to eat healthier, keep sugar under control and work out for me, take care of my body and feel better, in shape.

It is hard to shift my vision because I am also an emotional eater. This month I will go to therapy so maybe this will improve. 

Remember to do things because you love yourself, not because you are always critical of yourself. When you think bad things about yourself, try to answer this question: ‘Who first told you this about yourself?’

Mossholder on Unsplash

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