Healthier dessert idea – Nuts base cheesecake

I am trying to make sweets at home.

Last week, I wanted to eat some cheesecake but I wanted to avoid buying biscuits from the store. I know that I will never use them all and then I will end up eating them. While I was thinking about the cheesecake, I was also thinking about some balls made from nuts, peanut butter and I realized I can just mix them.

I made a base from one banana, nuts ( I used almonds, pecan nuts, hazelnuts ), peanut butter (one tablespoon), and 3 dates. I put them all in the machine, made a base, put it in a nice glass casserole. 

For the white part, I made a mix of cream cheese, liquid cream, vanilla, and a small amount of powdered sugar.  I added this over the base after mixing them well and topped it with a nice strawberry jam. I choose a healthier jam, with less sugar and mostly bio. 

I also calculated the calories for this batch and it was 404 calories/100 grams. One chocolate has around 550 calories for 100g so I think it was a better option. We all know how hard it is not to finish a bar of chocolate but this dessert is ok. The nut base it’s really dense and rich so it is hard to overeat. 

The pictures are not so well made because, in the beginning, I had no intention to share them.

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