Why was this week so important to me?

This week was an important milestone in my mental health recovery. 

My husband and I had very busy schedules and we had limited time together, time that was mostly spent doing chores. This is not the first time we had stuff to do, as you know, life is full of seasons. Some seasons you are ok, some seasons are fully booked. I used to get so stressed, be mad all week, and have a major fight with my husband near the end of it because I would need to get some steam off and I could not understand my feelings. 

I think this is something that we all go through, nothing new. 

This week something changed. I was able to see how my mental health improved since last year. I think it is easier to be zen when everything is normal, you have a routine, you get to sleep, and have your time. This week I slept less, cooked in a hurry in the evening, and had something else to do before coming home from work. I was out of my regular routine but I managed to have fun.

I think this time, I took things really slow. My patience is also increasing, I am able to take it one day at a time. This week we took care of our relationship, we tried to just support each other and relax a few moments. I even had a good mood in the morning, so extra time for hugs.

On Monday I was really tired and I was starting to get annoyed. That was the moment I knew I had to make a choice. I could hate this whole week or I could blast the music in my headphones, put some prosecco in my cup and just dance. I was dancing and washing dishes because I was short on time :))) I felt how the whole energy around me changed. I think drawing also helped me because I spent all my free time studying drawing textures and construction. I was not able to play with my tablet so I decided to practice in my sketchbook.

Omg, I almost forgot. This week I was brave enough to take my sketchbook out on the subway and draw in public. I only did that for a few minutes but it counts. I was always terrified by that but also wanted it. So. ‘YAY!’ for me. 🙂 

I am really proud of me and Gabi, I am proud that we are evolving, we are growing as people but trying to do it together. 

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