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Life is short – After life series

Life is short.

This is something that we hear all the time but we can understand it only a few times in life. Some people will feel that when they are afraid of an illness, some have an epiphany. 

Last night we were watching After life on Netflix and I have to admit, the final episode is amazing. I cried most of the time.

That end made me realize that, in life, if we meet our partner, we are lucky. Life is too short for all the issues, we can use the time sharing nice moments, together. Lately, I feel that I can be nicer, and can be helpful. Maybe this is because I am starting to leave my frustrations behind and the good in me feels the need to manifest.

I am lucky that I met my husband, we have a nice, small family. We have similar interests, we enjoy long walks, gaming together, laugh about stupid things our cat does. I am starting to see more and more that this is my treasure and everything I want in life. A house, cars, these are just shallow wishes. 

I learned from the tv show that you can impact everyone around you, you just need to be kind. You never know how people around you feel and maybe they just need a coffee and small talk. I feel the need to help people, build them up, and give them a hand. I will go and try to do some volunteering after corona, I think in one year we will be better.

Everyone is a story and I want to learn all of them. I used to talk a lot about myself, I wanted people to see me, I think I wanted to find myself through others. I find it quite sad right now but I was in pain, I was a little unwell. 

Working on yourself pays off, never forget that.

Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

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