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Weight loss diary – week 6

17th of January 2022 – Monday 

It was an amazing day, culinary-wise. I made steamed broccoli with rice, vegetables, and some white fish. For dinner, I made a healthy dessert, a cheesecake with nuts base and normal filling. I did not want to buy biscuits because I do not want to buy sweets this year. I know that biscuits are not safe in this house :))) I made a schnitzel for tomorrow, with extra vegetables. I am happy.

18th of January 2022 – Tuesday

Because I am feeling a little sick, I will work from home until Thursday so I will be able to have all the salads I want. I am counting calories, I am ok but I am still on a break with my knee. I think this time at home will help a lot.

19th of January 2022 – Wednesday

I feel that I am retaining water like crazy. We are still eating healthier, incorporating salads, and staying away from store-bought sweets. I went a little over the caloric budget because I wanted french fries and nuggets. I got them frozen and baked them in order to avoid oil consumption. I am happy.

20th of January 2022 – Thursday

I went to the office and I had a big salad for lunch. For dinner, I had pumpkin soup and a plate with hummus, ajvar, cucumber, artichokes, and bread. I liked the combination and because I ate a normal amount of everything, the caloric budget was ok. I think I had a lot of leftover calories because I had no more time to eat :)).

21st of January 2022 – Friday 

Today I worked from home and it was fun. We ate some broccoli and fish fingers. I am happy with the calorie counting but I can feel I am retaining water. I think I will not see an improvement this week. I was also unable to work out, I will start on Monday.

22nd of January 2022 – Saturday

Today we went for a big walk and then we ordered some food. I was unable to count calories but I probably went a little over them. I was happy with our tapas and burger menu but the french fries were full of salt. I will see that tomorrow, no doubt.

23rd of January 2022 – Sunday – 70.5 kg

I was sure this was going to be the situation 🙂 Next week I will probably be able to see if I have made any progress. This is a little hard for people to lose weight but I am ok. I started to improve my relationship with food so I am not obsessing over it. Today we tried Rio Mare’s new pasta tuna and had some soup as dinner.

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