Random questions of life

Being real

Someone called me ‘real’ today and my heart is warm and fuzzy.

I have to admit that this is a wonderful compliment and also an outside validation. Lately, I’ve been feeling differently, I feel more like myself, connected and this is making me want to cry with happiness.

I feel that I was always trying to be perfect, trying to be the best, someone saw that and took time to say this. I feel that, regarding work, she took my bag of bricks from my hands and put it down.

I felt like this at home, with Gabi, but to have that at work is magical 🙂 

I do not know if I have a point, honestly. I am writing this on the train, full of wonderful emotions. It is a wonderful feeling of ease, I am enough and I can finally feel it. I know I am enough at home but at work, I always feel the need to be perfect and exact. Now I am free and I can start living like that, enjoying a free life.

Inner work pays off once again 🙂 .

Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer on Unsplash

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