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‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Movie review

Yes, I know my blog it’s not a reviewing blog but this movie was magical.

This movie was recommended by a friend and I was quite curious because she always tells me beautiful stories. I was intrigued when the movie started because people were speaking French, then English, and then Italian. This was amazing for me because I love foreign languages. I am Romanian but I speak English, German, Spanish, and I can understand Italian and French so the language changing was music to my ears.

I loved that the people living there looked like people, the home was so cozy and so bohemian. I think I was just tired of the same old perfect people and houses. Not everything was new and clean. Not everyone was perfect and being a representative character. In this movie, the teenager is not so toxic, angry and his relationship with his family was amazing. While watching the movie, I felt I was on a holiday, in Italy, in ‘83. I was born in ‘91 but the 80s looked so good in that context.

The parents were amazing, we do not see enough empathy in movies when it comes to family dynamics. I loved how they were giving him unconditional love but from afar, giving him the space enough to grow. I wish I could be that cool if we ever have kids/adopt.

The love relationship between the man and the boy it’s illustrated so nicely. They took care of making things look magical, no extra shocking scenes, and not sexualizing that a lot. It felt that they were more focused to capture the intimacy between two people, the passion, and the opportunity to enjoy every small moment. It is a small way for us, women, to see how sensible men are, deep inside, just like us. This movie managed to humanize men.

This was really profound and I think it changed something in me. It brought poetry to my heart and soul but the poetry did not leave me when the movie finished. 

The movie had 2 scenes that made me a little uncomfortable but that is because I find a lot of things weird. The rest of the movie made me feel free, cozy, in Italy. The soundtrack was made from 80s music so it was perfect for me. I actually listen to that music after the movie and made me happy.

I would not like to give more details as I believe the movie is worth watching. I would recommend watching it on a Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee, an open mind, and a calm soul. As for me, every time I will be stressed, I will teleport to Italy, in ‘83.

‘Call Me by Your Name’ – Movie review

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