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Weight loss diary – week 5

10th of January 2022 – Monday

Today was an awesome day. My desk came so I will write my articles from my desk and that makes me happy. I will also be able to write my morning pages there, with my coffee. Today we had some feta bread I made last night, with boiled eggs and for lunch, lasagna with a big salad. For tomorrow, I have no idea what to cook, so I think I will buy a salad. I will have to go to the store anyway. 🙂 I am still on my yoga journey, my knee is not so happy but it will be in a few days.

11th of January 2022 – Tuesday

Today I had a salad, then some pizza and at the end of the day, hot dogs. It was quite a weird day, food-wise. I had to take a break from yoga because of my knees, it started to hurt way too much and I needed my feet to walk to the office 🙂 I feel sad about that but I remind myself that I have nothing to prove, I just have to be there for myself. 

12th of January 2022 – Wednesday

Today was the first day without salads, I ate mostly vegetables and it was ok. I have no idea how I am because I will start my PMS soon so I will feel heavier and I will retain a lot of water, as usual 🙂 I am experimenting with some weird, new feelings. I feel better about myself and accept myself more. I hope I will be able to lose some weight. 

13th of January 2022 – Thursday

It was a good day. I baked a pizza for dinner and for lunch I had Lentil soup. I think I will not be able to start yoga soon, my knee still hurts and I do not want to force it. I will work from home Friday and Monday so I will be happy to enjoy time with Gabi and the cat.

14th of January 2022 – Friday

Today Gabi had his birthday and we ate Chinese food and enjoyed our day. It was really nice, I loved to eat with chopsticks and I think  I actually ate less because it takes more time. I was hungry again during dinner time. Tomorrow I want to hang around and relax. I wanted to draw but was not in the mood to do stuff.

15th of January 2022 – Saturday

It was a good day, I am still on a workout/yoga break. I took a nap, we ate some rice with eggs and salads. I will get to the doctor on Monday and see. I am happy we have The office now on Netflix so I enjoyed it and took a small nap. I am not in the mood to do stuff because my knee drives me a little crazy.

16th of January 2022 – Sunday – 70.2 kg 

Yeah, I started to count calories because it looks like it’s stagnating. I am also worried that I cannot do yoga so I will have to keep an eye on my food habits.  I will eat the same, just less probably. I will use my old calorie count app because it helped me a lot. I know overall where I went a little over because I got used to looking for that. I am curious to see the numbers next week but probably after my period, I can see the real numbers. 

Photo by Jason Dent on Unsplash

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