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It’s 9 to 5 so bad?

This seems to be less and less a popular opinion but I enjoy having a 9 to 5 job. 

I was speaking with a friend that prefers to work for herself and she was quite happy with this. I admire people that do this but it is not for me. I wanted to do this a few years ago but luckily that was not the case. My idea was to make a farm, I would love to do that but when I started to research, I realized that in this lifetime, I want nothing to do with the state institutions.

I like that my job pays ok so it offers me financial stability. This is really important because if I have that, I have enough internal resources to enjoy my hobbies. I also have money to afford to buy supplies. It is a common belief that if you do what you like, you will never work a day. It is a nice statement but I am not sure it works for me. I have 1000 hobbies, every week I do something else so I could not manage a business this way. If I would have a business with clay earrings, making earrings for orders would be a job for me if I am not in the mood to do them.

Another thing that I appreciate about my job is that I do not have to meet people. I used to work in a construction store and I got tired of speaking to people. I think when you own your business, you have to meet people, speak to them, negotiate.  In order to be taken seriously, you have to adapt your attire and your look. This is a compromise that I am not willing to make. I am lucky enough to work in a small office, where I am allowed to be how I want to be. In the last two years, I went to the office with green hair, pink hair, again green, again pink, red. I am also free not to wear makeup because I know my colleagues understand and trust me without taking my looks into consideration. 

I don’t have to look for customers. I also worked in a call center, in two actually and I do not want to do that anymore. I am tired of speaking to people and trying to sell them stuff. I also hate legal affairs, read contracts, and constantly learn about what changed in legislation. 

I come from a normal family but people around us had businesses and I saw how that can escalate. I saw that if you get to be your own boss, it’s really hard to get a job after that. I saw people losing everything because their egos got out of control. No, thank you!

As I said in the beginning, owning a business is not for me. I do not judge people that do that, I admire them and I admire their passion. 🙂 

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash

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