CBT Book by Madeline Holden review

COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY in 4 WEEKS: How to Overcome Grief, Panic, Fear, Anxiety & Depression. The Life-Changing Workbook to Rewire Your Mind & Master your Emotions. By Madeline Holden

I wanted to start writing about books because I was lucky enough to find the perfect books to guide me on my way. I was recommending this book to everyone because it helped me a lot to see things about myself.

I fell in love with this book from the beginning. It is really hard not to get attached to the writer because she was kind enough to present us her story, being open and honest.

How did this book help me?

I was a good student and took my assignments seriously. I wrote down every trigger for a month and started to see a pattern. This is also what happened to me while writing morning pages. You start to notice what bugs you and you can not ignore it. I started to see how the triggers were almost the same and how stupid they were. I took them one by one, track them down, and released some. I still have a few things to do but this book made me pay a lot of attention to my feelings. I can now discover when I am getting triggered and I am always asking myself why I feel this way.

I did not love the mindfulness part but it is something that could be really helpful for other people, it was ok written but it is not something I am into. 

I liked that she mention also the importance of nutrition in mental health, I found it really interesting. It is something that I am just beginning to learn so it was informative.

I am not sure if this is helpful for someone but I feel the need to write this article as a conclusion. The books that I will review here will be books that helped me. I understood today that motivation is not really important in change, knowledge, and understanding are.

I would recommend this book as an introduction to CBT, I am not sure if I will read another book from this category but this one was crucial in my evolution. 

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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