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Weight loss diary – week 4

3rd of January 2022 – Monday
I am happy I started to like salads and experiment with tastes. I love that today I had salads both for lunch and for dinner. For lunch, I had tuna salad and for dinner, we had a salad with baked potatoes. Tomorrow I will have some fruits and a homemade salad for work. We decided not to buy sweets this year, maybe some cake from time to time. This will be good because we ate a lot of sweets last year.

4th of January 2022 – Tuesday
Today was ok, I think I am eating a little too much but my cravings are ok so I will take baby steps. I can reduce the portion size after I get used to my less sugary diet. I had fruits to work and a homemade salad. I have no idea what we will eat tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Gabi will help me with the groceries. I am on day 3 in Adriene’s Yoga program, I am happy I managed to get to this point, even after work and commute time.

5th of January 2022 – Wednesday
Today was a good day. I am really proud of us for not buying sweets and trying to eat healthier. I am happy we have a salad almost daily, if we don’t have salads, we have vegetable cream soup for sure. I did not eat meat, we ate just some salami but overall we have a clean diet now. I will see on Sunday how that is working for me but I think I will not see progress in the scale. I am doing daily yoga so I feel my muscles evolving and that might not help me scale-wise.

6th of January 2022 – Thursday
Today was a bank holiday so we enjoyed our time at home. In the morning we had yogurt, at lunch lentil soup and avocado with fried eggs. For dinner, we had bread with butter and some feta. I am happy I cut off store-bought sweets and we changed to another type of bread, a little healthier. We will see how that’s going, I will want some frozen cake for the weekend but we decided that this is ok because it is made with cream and fruits.

7th of January 2022 – Friday
Today was an exciting day. I did my yoga and received some packages with stuff for my office. I made Lasagna for the weekend, with a big side salad. We will have some smoothies. Today we ate scrambled eggs with feta, baked potatoes, and a salad. We managed to eat a salad and fruits every day this week.

8th of January 2022 – Saturday
I started my day with a wonderful movie and coffee. It was really nice, it was a movie like a holiday. Next, we built some furniture and after that, I did yoga. My muscles are sore and I am tired but I still have 23 days left. My knees are starting to act up because of the daily exercises but we will get it done. Today I made almond milk, I will share the recipe here next week. I refuse to buy it because it’s wasteful. We never fish the carton in time and I have to throw most of it out.
Now, I make half a liter and use it fresh, for smoothies.

9th of January 2022 – Sunday – 69.9 kg
I love how my skin looks from all the extra vegetables. I bet the sugar was also not helping. Today was gaming day, I am happy that I had the lasagna cooked so we had food :))) I see no improvement when it comes to the numbers on the scale but I can feel my muscles more toned so I am ok.

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  1. It’s so awesome that you’ve managed to keep up with salad the entire week. I myself have been experimenting with different salad recipes, and they make all the difference, as previously, all I did was eat veges without thinking about taste or texture. Wishing you all the best and thanks for sharing!

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