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Stoicism or why we should study this in school

I just “met” Philosophy and I have to admit that I would have loved to learn this in high school. I feel like we always say that we don’t have an instruction manual for life. Apparently, we have. 

I am now listening to a book about Stoicism and I find it really useful. I loved that the first part was focused on presenting the history of Philosophy and all the schools of Philosophy. I have to admit that this subject did not interest me before, mostly because I was seeing it in an incorrect way. I saw it as something too hard for me (please remember that I used to believe I was not so bright), something that I might not understand. Right now, I am really curious about it and want to learn more about all the schools.

The book I am listening to has a wonderful structure. You have chapters with the things that are usual in a person’s life, for example how to manage anger.  In this chapter, the writer is explaining what different stoics are saying about it and how we could see the issue. I like that the language used makes things easier to understand and are easier to follow. 

The book I am speaking about is:

A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

By: William B. Irvine

I am sure I will learn a lot of things from this book, I am learning a lot already and I still have half of the book remaining. It is the most interesting part, the one with the guide and advice.

Update: The book is truly magical. I loved the last part of the book because the advice part is priceless. It is a nice way to start to see life and I think this can also guide a traumatized person, trying to get to equilibrium.

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