Random questions of life

Happy New Year! 2022 will be awesome?

2021 was really hard but healthy for us. I think both of us changed a lot and we worked more on ourselves. I am proud of stepping up for myself, I managed to choose myself over other people and I finally learned how to manage my expectations. 

2021 was the year I managed to upgrade my job as a full-time job. I think 3 years, almost 4 passed since I last had this type of job. I am happy with that, now I see that even if I am working all day, I am still able to work on myself, do my yoga, and do my cardio.

2022 will be better because I am starting therapy, I am more involved in my reading and I am planning to improve all the aspects of my life. I am also learning so much from my cat, I managed to have the openness to understand her and see her as a friend. We both love her and I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

I hope your year will be awesome, I think we do not hear this often enough but you deserve to feel better! 

Update: this is what I wrote last night. Today I feel depressed and I do not care about anything. It will probably get better later but right now I feel down and a little f****d up. I could not just post an optimistic post when I feel like this. I think I will feel my pain and move on at one point.

Have a nice day! Or don’t :).

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