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I think I need Therapy

In all my writings, I always said I will not go to therapy. I still do not know why this scared me so much so I decided to just go. I am happy that I made this step as I feel stuck in my journey. 

I wrote to a therapist that is specialized in CBT and I am excited. Of course, she is not available right away and I will have to wait 2-3 months. It is ok, I am quite proud of myself for making the step.

Why therapy?

I worked on a lot of workbooks, I listen to coaching and therapy sessions and I got to be quite curious about it. It seems that, even though writing helps a lot, some things get out of us during the session. It is important to be asked the correct questions, a thing that is hard to do by yourself.  I hope it will be this way because I am quite looking forward to that.

I was lucky to find a therapist that speaks English, I am not sure I could do this in German. A good thing is that if you need therapy, the health insurance will cover it. As I understood, you go to a one-hour consultation and if you are in need of therapy, the specialist will make a request to the insurance company and it will be approved.

I will come back with more details when I will have more.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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