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Weight loss diary – week 1

Day 1 – Monday – 70.2 kg 

Last night we had McDonald’s so I was expecting this. Today I went over my calorie budget but it is ok. I am trying not to obsess about it and also document it in order to see the evolution. For tomorrow we have more nutritional foods so I am expecting to crave less. I want to make chicken with potatoes and salad in a wrap. I also brought more fruits to try and pay my respects to my body by feeding it well. I am craving sugar but I think I am craving nutritional foods.

Day 2 – Tuesday – 70 Kg

Today I did yoga and I managed to cook vegetables and chicken, with a huge, green salad. I loved it and I saw that my sugar craving went down because of this. I hope I will be able to keep it up because tomorrow I will go to the office and I will have to find something healthier to eat. I have no idea what I will do. I also took care to drink water, eat fruits, and had some fruit juice. I still had to finish my fruits and did not have time to finish them all. 

Day 3 – Wednesday – I forgot 

Today I had to get to work early so I forgot to weigh myself so I have no idea. I am tired as fuck and I just want to sleep. The day was busy so I just had fruits and a mozzarella tomatoes sandwich at work. Gabi was nice and went grocery shopping. For dinner, we had pumpkin soup and some sweets, including ice cream. I wanted to make some glück wine, warm wine but I felt full of sugar.

Day 4 – Thursday – 69.4 kg

I had a lot of stress yesterday so today I felt sick. I had to eat some soul foods and try to put myself together because it was the last day of work before the holiday and I wanted to put everything in order. I had pizza and bread so I was quite happy :D.

Day 5 – Friday – 69.9 kg

Today I did not want to count calories, I did not want to wash, vacuum, anything. I wanted to enjoy the first day of the holiday and I did. I also went to the shopping mall, bought some gifts for us and came home. In the afternoon, I watched The Simpsons and fell asleep with my sleeping buddy, the cat :)) I loved it. I will probably do some things tomorrow but we will see. I think I ate a little too much at dinner and I am also PMSing so my water retention will skyrocket. I am still practicing yoga, missed one day because I was very tired from work. I am excited that on the 1st of January Adriane will have a new yoga 30 days program. 

Day 6 – Saturday –  69.7 kg

Today I insisted to have more vegetables in our meals. We ate pumpkin soup and salmon with mushrooms. It was a wonderful lunch. I started to count my calories again and today managed not to go over my budget. It was really awesome, I got to eat enough to feel full and I had some sweets too. I feel sleepy now, I also did yoga today and we went food shopping.

Day 7 – Sunday – 69.1 kg

I love how fast I see results when it comes to counting calories. This keeps me motivated because I want to lose some weight and I actually believed it will be hard to do it again. I love that for today we also had pumpkin soup and smoked salmon. I am happy with our menu. For tomorrow I will have to go to the big supermarket and start Christmas food shopping. I hope we will manage to be disciplined also during the holidays, that is a perfect time to invent excuses.

Photo by Cristofer Maximilian on Unsplash

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