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Back to square 1

The past 3 days were really hard on me. I had a lot of anxiety, I had a lot of bad thoughts and I cut my hair short. I am not crazy about it, as everyone expected but I had to do it :))). I am starting to see a pattern, every time I cut my hair, something changes in my life. I usually get to cut my hair after watching Brad Mondo on youtube and lately I avoided everything until I dreamt that I was cutting my hair really short. I was cutting the pink part of my hair. I always wanted to get a short haircut, LP style but I always believed it is a little too masculine for me. Oh, well, I have it now. It is not as perfect as I would love it but I also have to take time to style it.

Anyway, this is not why I wanted to post tonight.

Today I started doing yoga, I spent around 50 minutes on the bike and I also started to count calories. All this trauma processing made me eat more and I am not so happy about it. The journal is the only thing that keeps me accountable so I will restart posting a weekly journal. I used to do that with fasting. I will be posting 4 times per week, the usual 3 and one on Sunday, with the losing weight updates.

See you tomorrow!

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