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What I learned when we had our cat spayed

Yesterday we had our cat sterilized and I learned a really important lesson.

I saw all over the internet that animals teach us unconditional love, that they will always love us but I think they also teach us to love something unconditionally.

Someone told me that having a pet looks like having a small kid and I agree. It is hard and uncomfortable. Yesterday I almost cried when I left the cat at the vet office and the only reason why I kept it together was also for her. I prepared myself mentally, to have patience and be strong.

Since my last article, I made my peace with not being able to have our own kid and I have no problems. This is somehow irrelevant in this situation, I just wanted to update the situation.

My cat teaches me every day to be patient, appreciate a new day and feel lucky for our family. I feel lucky to wake up early, play with her, train her, write, hug my husband. 

Today she was dizzy, hated the cone, and had some issues when going to the bathroom. I had to supervise her like a helicopter mom, keep a clean bathroom, and monitor food intake. Today I felt unconditional love for someone other than my husband. I love her without expectations. I can wake up at 5 am all my life, spend time with my favorite souls and be happy. This is something quite new. I used to hate waking up but I think I was just tired of living in my own head, with my own guilt and feelings.

I hope she will be better soon. Today we watched The Simpsons together and rested, as we spent all night moving and sleeping really light. I feel the love while writing and I am proud of myself and how much I am growing.

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