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Take Control of Your Life by Mel Robbins – book review

Oh, this book was scandalous.

I will start from the beginning. I loved the introduction and I fell in love with the book when they mentioned the workbook. I listened to the first chapter and then I started to work on the workbook. When Mel was speaking about the dreams we have, my brain panicked and insisted for 2 days that I have no dreams, I am happy, I have no issues. The book was scandalous for my brain, and because my mind would not stop spinning and saying I am ok, I realized that I want to write. This was always one of my dreams but the fear of failing was really high, so I tried to kill the dream and hide the body, never to think about it.

This was an important realization and the main reason why I returned to blogging. It sounds really easy but I had to fight a few demons in order to be able to write. I used to think that I have no ideas, my opinions are useless, and that I am a little dumb.

The next chapters helped me find myself. I loved the people from the book, their stories, and how the coaching sessions helped them. I could easily find myself in those situations so the advice they received was perfect for me too.

I think this is a book that can unlock some mental blockages and can be a good step on your way to mental health. I was fascinated by the story about hoarding, it helped me understand people with this issue and made me more empathic. I love that she has no radical opinions, she is there for you to follow your dreams but she is not saying to quit and take a leap of faith. I need to have a job in order to do my arts in peace.

I have to admit that the last coaching session was hard for me. I cried and I was on my bike for over an hour. The session triggered a lot of old and painful memories but the sweating, the exhaustion from sport were perfect. Dr. K says that old trauma is stored in our body until we process it. For me it was an important day, I was able to get into that part of memories and manage them. 

I love Mel and I am really grateful for her work. I can not wait to read the new book. I think I will also start to publish some stories I wrote, letting my characters see the light.

Link to the book: https://www.amazon.de/-/en/dp/B07LFJ5PJK/ref=sr_1_1?crid=GKPWGRYSY8OI&keywords=take+control+of+your+life+mel+robbins&qid=1638772372&sprefix=mel+robbins+take%2Caps%2C170&sr=8-1

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