Blogging and self-sabotage

I started blogging a lot of time ago when I got my first computer. I used to write poetry, some are still online on random pages and some disappeared because the blogging platform has closed. I was lucky enough to save some and I am proud of them. I am planning to grow the blog but all of these articles and strategies are killing my creativity.  I would love just to write but I also find an outside pressure to take care of SEO and other tools.

I am writing this article because I also want to know other opinions. I read a lot of articles about blogging being dead, how the platform is changing, how to adapt. I feel like all these things and thoughts are overwhelming. Most articles suggest keeping the content snappy, fresh, entertaining, and simple. I feel like the new blogging vision encourages dumbing things down, making it like a tik tok but in writing. This makes me sad because I feel like I was late at the Blog party, that the golden era is done and that I missed the good days. 

I will read more in the following days because I am really invested in this occupation, it is making me read a lot and keep myself informed. I want to be a content writer, I would love to make this dream come true for myself but I would also love to get rid of these mental obstacles. Maybe is just me, sabotaging myself and trying to find reasons to quit. I know this will happen and I am happy that I realized that while writing. 

Please find here more on self-sabotage https://www.healthline.com/health/self-sabotage#signs , a really nice article for people who feel like they do this. Reading about the things I feel helps me a lot to discover more and more issues.

This is why I believe that writing is Magic and this is why I will keep going, no matter what. 

Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

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