Meatless Monday or Meatless week

I wanted to take a break from meat (I will have fish from time to time) for a while so I started to see what my menu would look like.

Because I have a full-time job now, I have no time for complicated meals, so see below a few meals that can inspire you. Recently we also got a microwave at work so it will be easier for me to avoid meat.

  • Vegetable cream soup – For work, I will buy that from the store but I also make it at home. Our favorites (with or without coconut milk) are mushroom soup, tomato soup, carrot soup, and baked paprika soup. Sometimes I will make a Romanian-specific dish, called Ciorba. It is a vegetable soup (some types of Ciorba contains also meat) but we just keep the vegetables chopped, not blended. 
  • Vegetable Pizza – I love this. Lately, I just bought the pizza dough and add the vegetables. I like to cook the vegetables a little before adding them to the pizza. Vegetables I use: mushrooms, Mexican mix(corn, peas, red pepper in a can – this was something I had around the house), bell peppers, olives, and a small quantity of grated gouda to finish off the pizza.
  • Vegetable tortilla pizza – same as veggie pizza but without dough and with a tortilla as a base.
  • Caprese salad – a wonderful symphony of taste. I know I do not make the traditional recipe but I will write here how I make it. I cut the juicy mozzarella, cut the tomatoes, and break the basil leaves in order to release the taste. I will put everything in a bowl, top it with olive oil, and a small drip of balsamic vinegar. I love to eat it with a fresh baguette.
  • Bruschetta – my way. I will cut the cherry tomatoes small, add garlic, oregano, olive oil, salt, pepper and add the mix to pieces of bread. Put them into the oven until golden or until the tomatoes look baked.
  • Cream cheese, boiled egg rolls – it is really tasty if you can add some vegetables but you have to cut them really small. I also love them with salmon, cream cheese, and mustard sauce.
  • Omelette –  this is so versatile. You can make it with mushrooms, with Mexican mix, simple, with feta cheese. One of my favorite things is to add the Omelette in the tortilla and make it a “to go” meal. It is better with crispy bacon but not now.
  • Tomato sauce pasta – I make this meal when I have leftover pizza sauce. I boil pasta and mix it together with oregano, salt, pepper. I also add a little olive oil.
  • French fries – sometimes I buy them as a pre-cooked meal and bake them for 20 minutes and sometimes I just make them at home.
  • Fish sticks and baked vegetables.
  • Normal bake fish and vegetables.
  • Quinoa with vegetables – not the best option but it is eatable.
  • Mozzarella and tomatoes sandwich – it is a Caprese salad in a bun. 
  • Chia yogurt budding – I add some fruits and it is done. Perfect for work.

I think you can adapt every dish to a vegetable dish. I saw a lot of wonderful recipes that use cauliflower to make buffalo wings, pizza crust. I tried some recipes but I feel that this type of food is not for me. 

I hope this will inspire people that need to take break from Meat. 

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