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Enough is enough

‘One day you wake up and you say enough is enough’. This is something Dr. K said the other day and it made so much sense. We always think that, in order to make a change, we need that ‘AHA!’ moment, that romantic moment in which our life changes. I do not blame the media, I think is a human need to think that there is something bigger than us, out there and it will help us with revelations. 

Somehow this is connected to our need to look for answers outside of us. I know this sounds like a cliché. The answer is inside. Happiness comes from within. I used to think that this might be true but it is so popular, that sounds like a piece of empty advice. 

I remember when I quit smoking. I just wake up and realized I am done with that. This made things so much easier. I was already writing and I guess I stopped wanting to kill myself slowly, I was already letting my anger and frustration go on the page. I never believed how magic writing is. This is one more thing that makes me love writing. You can help people heal while you heal yourself. 

When I was tired of new age things, I woke up, decided that I am done and my world changed. I lost people on the way, I lost opinions, idols and life principles but I started to find myself. I found Ayurveda, Dr. K, self-development. I learned I was in so much pain that I was numb for years and I needed something to believe in. Perfect cult joiner material :)). I am lucky that my husband was down to earth for both of us.

One day I realized I am done with fear, anxiety, hate and other feelings. I am working on that but the best thing is that I gain some friends on the way, people that help motivate me to be myself and make me be happy every morning.

One day you wake up and you say enough is enough.

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