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Craft Projects in progress

I am a really lucky person. I have enough time (or I make time) to enjoy my arts and crafts. My inner fears made me repress the creative instinct and that made me really unhappy. I am still working on that but I will not give up on myself again. 

From Dr. K I learned that I am a vata so I need to have multiple hobbies and occupations. I will try this route, now I am really happy with my preoccupations and I will try not to put so much pressure on myself. I do not want to feel sad or guilty when I need a break.

I was really struggling last month, I put everything on pause and this week I started to unfreeze. 

My current projects, with pictures:

  • Crocheting a scarf for my husband. I am also planning to do a hat for me, with cat ears;

I love to do this and it is wonderful for anxiety. I used to smoke and sometimes I really feel the need to keep my hands busy. I am also spending too much time on my phone, playing, so sometimes I will switch to Crocheting to take a break. 

  • Making Tim Burton inspired Tree decorations. I already cut the shapes from the dry clay, they need 24-48h to dry. I also selected the scenes and characters that I want in my tree. I am really happy because I have wanted this since forever and we both love that univers. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays so making a mix is like a dream. 
  • Workbooks for my inner exploration – Cognitive Behavior Therapy;
  • Dr. K’s guide – I am still postponing the meditation part because I feel I am not ready.

I hope I will keep up 😀

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