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Fear of failing and writing

Today I realised how terrified I was when it came to writing. 

I am listening to a book by Mel Robbins and yesterday I was convinced I don’t have a dream that I was repressing. Today things changed. The book was at a crucial point for me, it was talking about how the need for perfection is just a method to trick yourself to avoid doing hard things. Naturally, I started to look at my life, trying to find where I am struggling with perfectionism. 

The blog is something that I am really proud of and I love to write. Every time I want to write, I am waiting to have the golden idea, the golden subject, but today I saw my problem. My fear of failing made me avoid writing and my inner critic told me I have nothing to say, I am not that smart, to have opinions. 

I made a decision, I will publish 3 times per week and I will write about anything. I am tired of postponing the moment of creativity because I do not have a niche, I do not have time or inspiration. I always wanted to write, now is the time!

See you Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 

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