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A few thoughts at the end of September

We had to change a lot of things during the last 5 weeks. We had to adapt to Freya, our kitten. She is a ball of energy so we are doing our best to help her get rid of it.  Today we had the first day of harness training, I hope we can take her to the park 🙂

At work, I got promoted, I work full time now and I also manage other activities so it is perfect for me. I am able to learn new things and I also have more money. I wanted to change my job but I could not, I feel that in this industry I am helping people. It might be indirect, but still counts.

It is really interesting how I fell in love with my job again after I managed to resolve some internal conflicts (some issues I had inside). I love to learn more about therapy and to meet me again.  

I did not start my book on Cognitive behavioral therapy but today I managed to get to the half of the Depression module from the guide. I was planning to read today, but I got distracted. I was up at 6 and started yoga, shower and did some stuff around the house. I am struggling with drinking water, I do not know why but I am compensating with green tea. I think  I will finish writing and go and have my wine with a book.

We started tematic weekends, last week we had italian and this week asian. I made Ants climbing a tree, spring rolls (these were frozen, the last time I tried, I had a big fail) and finally had Sake. We are planning to order a set of Japanese sweets and try them since we can not travel to Japan because of Corona. Last year, for my birthday, we ordered a box of american sweets and it was ok.

I made some air dry clay jewelry this weekend and 3 pairs and a necklace are wearable. Pretty proud. Last week I crocheted a scarf and a bandana. I am planning to crochet Gabi a scarf, I hope I will do it in time for his name’s birthday. 

This year I will get to try inktober together with a friend. I am really excited because I feel I need to draw more, especially now that I am stable regarding my job. Writing cover letters and applying was really hard, stressful and useless now :)) . I am happy. Maybe I will post all the photos at the end of October here.  It will be hard to manage my time because I just remembered that Guild Wars has a Halloween event and I am a big fan. I think this is the 3rd year I am playing it and I can not wait. I just run around and kill halloween monsters :D. 

Next week I will meet a friend and I will be busy helping prepare for an Audit at work.  

I hope I will manage to find my words for the next article or maybe some inspiration. I still feel a little tired emotionally.

Have a nice week!

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