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30 days of Yoga

I still do not understand why it was so hard for me to start writing again. I am really comfortable writing down recipes,  getting back into my routine but talking about myself was a big problem.

During the last 2 months, I had some issues with understanding myself, establishing my priorities, my future plans so I started “30 days of Yoga”. It is on youtube and I liked it so much that I felt the need to write about it. The channel is named “Yoga with Adriene” and I will link the playlist at the end of the post.

The first 7 days were a roller coaster 🙂 I was so sore, everything hurt but Adriene was so nice in the video that I could not stop. I love how she always reminds you that you are showing there for yourself, that it is your time and you deserve it. During the 7 days, I was also running so my abs were amazing, I could see them and I could feel my core getting stronger.

Week 2 was amazing, I love routines so I really enjoyed getting my time on the mat. The 30 days are really nice organized, after day 7 you have some soft Yoga in order to help your muscles recover. This is the time when I decided that Yoga, meditation, and running will be part of my weekly routine. Adriene made me fell in love with yoga and it’s no turning back.

Week 3 showed me that my arms are also getting stronger, that I feel more confident and more in my body. Also, during this week, I discovered Ayurveda and I could understand more about how Yoga helps me get grounded. I feel that I can accept myself more because now I understand why sometimes I am with my head in the clouds.

I had a break for one week because we went on our summer holiday. I did not take a break from Yoga, only from the playlist. The room was not suitable so I just did my own yoga, sometimes in the pool, sometimes in the bed, I had to improvise a little. Because we went to the pool, I could also observe that my shoulders are more flexible. During this time, I spent a lot of time talking to Gabi about what I am planning to do, he helped me dig some insecurities and we had a nice time overall. 

Week 4 or the last 9 days were life-changing. Because of the break, I could see how much this daily practice helped me. My breathing was on track and I could feel that my body was strong and prepared to learn more, to experiment more poses. It actually made me want to practice and learn to stay in the crow pose in the long run. If I will manage it, be sure I will post a picture here.

The last workout was really emotional, I loved it and it also made me appreciate the changes that happened in these 30 days (37 with the holiday).

 I feel proud for showing up for myself daily! I feel better in my own body, I feel more strong in my poses and my posture improved a lot. The Yoga breathing is always kicking in when I feel stressed or I want to fall asleep and I love this. When I started this journey, I wanted to find myself and I think this helped me discover who I am and what I still need to do to be happier.

I am planning to start a new 30 days Yoga challenge tomorrow. I am so excited !!

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