Frozen mango and forest fruit Smoothie

Yesterday we went food shopping because we wanted to make smoothies. We are both counting calories and this is a wonderful way to start the day. I will go to the office next week so maybe I will have one to go, finish it at the office.

The recipe is really easy, you need a blender, measure everything, add it to the blender and blend it. I did not blend it very well because it was early and I did not want to stress the neighbors.

Quantities are for 2 portions and I will also put the calories here, in order to be easier to track them.

  • Frozen forest fruit – 125g – 66 calories;
  • Frozen mango – 56g – 37 calories;
  • Greek yogurt – 65g – 75 calories;
  • Alpro Almond milk – 200ml – 44 calories;
  • Honey – 15g – 49 calories;

The total: 454g – 271 calories for 2 portions. I split the smoothie in 2 and we both had a delicious breakfast with 135.5 calories. 


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