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Links to some mental health stuff

My break was really useful. I found the below webinar and is helping me a lot with anxiety and motivation.

I also found the yoga and meditation exercises so nice that made me meditate daily. I have to admit I can see a difference in my mental state, I am more motivated and less anxious. Understanding my brain makes stuff so much easier.

I also discovered Ayurveda and I have to admit I found a lot of things about myself. Those things helped me accept some parts of me and brought some inside healing. More info in the below video or, if you want to take the test, you can go to the HealthyGamerGG’s Discord server and find everything you need

My friend send me a message regarding Yoga International Day and this helped me a lot. It was after the moment when I decided to take a break from anything and I started to look for yoga and self discovery. I found “Yoga With Adriene” and started “30 Days of Yoga”. I am on day 13 and, combined with running 3 times per week, is perfect. I already feel that my upper body is stronger and I am also more centered. I am thinking about doing yoga 60 days and maybe one year. I love yoga and I think this will be a habit that will stick.

I hope someone, someday, will find this useful 🙂

This Saturday we will go to the beach, enjoy a stress free vacation. We have no plans, just hang around and enjoy the free time together.

Photo by Carl Newton on Unsplash

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