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Fasting – week 30

12th of June 2021 – Saturday – 66.5 kg

Last night, I craved a burger so we ordered burgers and we loved them. It is cute that EURO 2020 started so we had a beer and watched some football. The game is mostly an excuse to spend some time together and talk about all kinds of stuff. I am still retaining water, I woke up with a headache from dehydration but I am still adapting to our life back home. This weekend is a lazy weekend, I actually canceled calorie counting, I will start on Monday because I want to relax and take it slow. We still need to rest but we are way better than yesterday 🙂 

13th of June 2021 – Sunday – 65.6 kg

Not so much to write about today regarding exercising and food because I took my time and rested as much as I could. I saw a documentary about an eating disorder from “clean eating” and I want to state here: I DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO DIET! THERE  IS NO GOOD OR BAD FOOD! PLEASE DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF AND DO NOT DIET AS A TEENAGER! I am a 30-year-old woman with info about eating disorders. I am also aware of my body, and with a really supportive husband. He would never let me starve myself and has an eye on me regarding my eating habits. With all of these, I struggled a little with binge eating and could not see it. I wanted to lose some weight but I am an adult and searched for a healthier method. Please do not diet, you are beautiful! Try to find an equilibrium in your meals and heal your relationship with food. 

14th of June 2021 – Monday – 65.6 kg

Today was a full day, I went food shopping, we went for a run and now I am preparing to have a bubble bath. I took some time to study, this week I will finally have my monitor and it will be easier to study. It is really warm here, tomorrow I will have to go to the office so I will have to search for some nice clothes. I feel sleepy a little because we had a small nap and I am not 100% awake. I saw that some of my flowers hate the sun and I will have to move them inside. I find this funny, they seemed to die daily and revive when the sun is down.

15th of June 2021 – Tuesday – 65.6 kg

Today I was in the office, I forgot to drink water so I will have to drink more now. I am writing this during a webinar on JavaScript, I am waiting for the lag from the teacher to go away.  The weather is really summer-ish so I am trying to adapt to the warm weather. The changes in temperature make me sleepy so I am trying to adapt and eat fruits, drink water, and avoid coffee. The coffee part is really hard, I could drink it all day. Tomorrow morning we will go for a run, I hope it will be better than yesterday. The one week break from running made me lose my running shape 🙂 I hope we will go for a run on the beach during the holiday because I do not want to get out of shape again.

16th of June 2021 – Wednesday –  65.8 kg

Today was running day and something weird happened. I used to write and then run but today we had to go faster to the park. When I started to write, my mind was empty :)) Running is like writing apparently, you get to clear your mind and relax. I wrote 2 pages instead of 3 because I was done, no thoughts, nothing!! I spent almost 1 hour near my diary before I quit because I was about to start working. Time to go and relax on the couch, I am still tired from the holiday and the 30 degrees are not helping.

17th of June 2021 – Thursday – 66 kg

Summer is here so my sun allergy started. I went to buy bread and now my skin is itchy and I feel uncomfortable. I hope the weather will get back to normal because I feel really weird. I did not exercise and we ate pizza because it was too warm to cook.  I am happy with my mental state so I have that going for me, which is nice :))

18th of June 2021 – Friday – 65.8 kg

Today I woke up at 7:30 and we went running because later the weather will be impossible. I went food shopping, to get fruits and vegetables and we will isolate in our home. Sunday we will go running. These temperatures make me want to stay and relax, I was not in the mood for anything, nor even yoga. I hope I will get to rest because I also have a lot to study, I want to finish an online class and start projects.

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