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Fasting – week 29

4th of June 2021 – Friday

Today was so funny and weird that I will have to write a separate article with this :))) The good part is that we walked almost 10 km today and I do not think I went over my calories a lot. I try not to obsess over that because we will visit family and I will want to enjoy homemade food.

5th of June 2021 – Saturday 

14 km walked today! I will get back to Munich slimmer :)) Just kidding, the food from home is tasty so I will probably stagnate. No problem, I will be back in shape in no time 🙂 I already started to eat traditional food today 😋 I am really tired but really happy 🙂 

6th of June 2021 – Sunday

Today we did not walk so much, we spent most of the day in the car and at home, with family. It was really nice, I enjoyed seeing everyone. It was almost 1.5 years since we came so we all missed each other. 

7th of June 2021 – Monday

Our cat is here, she found us. Today was a nice day, we did not walk a lot, the normal amount but we spent time with our family. It is really nice that we also managed to enjoy some free, quiet time. I am tired but happy. She will get vaccinated and will come next month, we hope 🙂

8th of June 2021 – Tuesday

I have to admit that it is really challenging to keep up with the visits, we walked almost 10 km daily but I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I am happy we had the chance to eat a lot of traditional food and spent time with family. 

9th of June 2021 – Wednesday

I took this time to observe myself. I wanted to see if I have a tendency to overeat, I was curious to see if I could eat without using the scale. I am happy I am still mentally sane regarding my weight loss, I could eat normally, no stress. It is nice that we could walk and enjoy the weather. 

10th of June 2021 – Thursday

Today we finally had time to have a small date. We went and had a pina colada, enjoyed a massive storm, and prepared to leave. The plane will leave tomorrow morning so my dad will take us to the airport tonight, we will drive for a few hours and then fly for 2 hours. I will soon have my period so I will lose all the water I retained. I feel already puffy and depressed :)).

11th of June 2021 – Friday 65.6 kg

I am amazed, I usually come back from home with extra kilograms but it looks ok. I am already a little dehydrated and I also retained water so ‘Yay!’, probably my scale will get back to normal in a few days. On Monday we will go to the park because I really miss running. I am happy my flowers are not dead, I have 4 more to water and after that, I am going to stay on the couch again. We landed at 8 AM and I had a massive nap, Gabriel joined me and we managed to feel so much better.

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