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Fasting – week 28

29th of May 2021 – Saturday – 66.2 kg

I am retaining water and the pizza from last night did not help. I get intense cravings near my period and I am tired to fight them. I will have pizza and burgers because why not?! One or two days is ok, I get back on the horse fast. We will go running tomorrow morning and I have to admit that I am loving it. I think I will get addicted to this because my body feels amazing after!! We will go also on Tuesday, before going to work. I am curious if I will be happier all day because it will be my first time. I never went running so early, especially before work. I will wake up, write fast, run, finish writing and go to work. I will also have to get ideas for food at work because I will starve in a few hours. I will google some recipes and write them here if I have suitable for work.

30th of May 2021 – Sunday – 65.9 kg

I would like to incorporate more roasted vegetables into our diet. I want to make them with fish and turkey. For work, I think I will make pesto pasta with tomatoes or a Caprese salad. I am happy we went to the park this morning, I love running so much! We woke up at 5:45, stayed in bed until 7, and after that, we went running. I want to go shopping for vegetables, fish, I feel really happy and excited. It is really weird because when I am PMS-ing, usually, I feel depressed, sad, maybe its just a mood swing:)))) I do not know! 

31st of May 2021 – Monday – 65.6 kg

Now I feel really lucky :)) I had pizza and all kinds of sweets and I am amazed I am still around 65 kg. I think fasting helped a lot and maybe my stomach is smaller but my perception is that I am still eating a lot. I have no idea what changed but now, when I am hormonal, I understand myself and just enjoy life 🙂 it feels nice to be kind to yourself. Tomorrow morning we will go running so I am excited. For work, I have a nice salad with quinoa. I wanted pesto pasta but we had no pasta so…I just changed the menu, vegetables with quinoa and a chia pudding. I am happy, I feel really proud of my progress and I love running. This is something I can not believe I am saying!!   I LOVE RUNNING!!

1st of June 2021 – Tuesday – 65.5 kg

I am so proud of us!! We woke up at 6:30 and went for a run before work! So proud!! We also went to sleep really late so is amazing that we woke up and went in the park! It is amazing and it feels great. I also had a healthy breakfast and lung with chia, quinoa, vegetables. I have to admit that I have to add more quinoa because I was still a little hungry. Running is quite new for me so I am still observing my body post-workout. I like that we are going for a run in the morning and I am still intermittent fasting so ‘Yay!’ I am so happy today!!! XoXo

2nd of June 2021 – Wednesday – 65.3 kg

I think running is helping me to develop some forgotten muscle in my feet :)) Maybe I am just sore but today I had to do 30-40 minutes of yoga and stretching in order to feel better. I think I will try to do yoga in the free days between runs. Friday we will get to fly to Romania, after 1.5 years, and we will stay one week. I am really excited because we will visit Bucharest, check some food places. I hope we will walk a lot, we won’t be able to go for a run because we do not want to take our workout clothes. I think I will also do yoga, I guess. I am quite sleepy now, full day today. I had to do some cleaning because tomorrow will also be a full day. We will go for a run and after that, we have to get tested and have some frozen yogurt. Holiday officially started!!! 

3rd of June 2021 – Thursday – 65.3 kg

I decided to publish this today because tomorrow we will be at the airport and after that, we will go for walks. I think I will also be very sleepy because we will wake up at 5, so I will probably nap or just chill after we get home. Today was an awesome day, we went running in the morning and for a long walk (7 km in the park, I wanted to make soup bubbles). After that, I was really active because we had to prepare everything for departure, cleaning, washing. I will take a bubble bath and go to sleep, I really hope I can sleep from all the excitement. Next week, I will write my blog but I will not be able to use a scale daily, I will get back to that next Saturday when we will get back. 

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

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