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Fasting – week 27

22nd of May 2021 – Saturday – 66.2 kg 

It seems that we went for a walk daily. I am really sore because yesterday I had “leg day” and the next day is always a nightmare. I bought new nightdresses and somehow I can see my progress better in them, this makes me so excited because my brain is starting to see that I also lost centimeters. I can see that my legs are slimmer and my ass is smaller. I am happy I started to exercise again, 3 – 4 times a week. Yoga is still my favorite workout, I could do this daily.

23rd of May 2021 – Sunday – 65.8 kg

I love how I can retain water, lose it and get it back in just 3 – 5 days 🙂 I am feeling great, my soreness is still killing me but I am trying to cope with the pain. I am happy that exercising works, the pain reminds me that I am moving my body, keeping it healthy. I am counting my calorie again, I missed that 🙂  The weather is still cold and really unstable, I will wear my skirts and dresses in July :)) I will get back to learning now, I still have a little time. 

24th of May 2021 – Monday – 66  kg

I am ok with the variation, I am monitoring what I eat and I also fast (around 16-18 h daily), so it is probably related to my hormonal changes. Today was a mental health day, I relaxed all day, enjoyed the couch, and play games. Tomorrow I will go to the office and after to the store, so I will move all day. I am planning to work out on Wednesday because my soreness starts to go away, it took me days until I could stand up without crying inside. I am happy that I am following my healthy lifestyle (almost healthy – I still eat sweets but less than a year ago) but I am not pressuring myself with how much weight I lose daily. I am happy at this size too.  

25th of May 2021 – Tuesday – 65.5 kg

Today I was in the office so I came really tired back. I managed to log my water in the office but after that, I just lost count :)) I slept 4 hours last night so I am barely keeping my eyes open. Somehow this makes me really thirsty so I am drinking water since I came home. I managed to do some gardening today, I am planning to make a cocktail and just chill. My fasting hours increased from 14 – 10 to around 16 – 8, I am happy that my legs are slimmer and my soreness went away.  I will exercise tomorrow, I just hope the full moon will not mess with my sleep again 🙂

26th of May 2021 – Wednesday – 66 kg

It is not fun to see these changes every day. In the beginning, it was really frustrating to see how things change but I think I started to get used to it. I think this made me mentally strong and taught me a lot of things about my body. When I started this fasting journey, I knew almost nothing about my body, how it works, what food makes me feel in what way. It is amazing to understand that you are not just a mind, you also have a body, you need to understand it and move it. I love my body, I love the fact that I am getting stronger and I am more confident than ever. Conclusion after one week since my birthday: 30s are awesome! 

27th of May 2021 – Thursday – 66 kg

I am happy! I think tomorrow we will go running if it will not rain in the morning.  My period will be here in 10 days so I have cravings and I am hungry all day. I am getting over the calorie budget a little. The take-out from yesterday made me retain a lot of water so I will not see a change in my scale soon because I will also start to retain water (my hormones). Maybe I am meant to be 65 kg :)) I have no idea, I am quite happy with my body right now. I just think I will need to tone my legs a little but that will be achieved soon, with our running program. 

28th of May 2021 – Friday – 65.8 kg

Today is a good day! We went for a run at 7:30. The park was wonderful! It was empty and it smelled like fresh-cut grass. At 9 AM I was done with writing, shower, self-care and I just chilled on the couch for an hour. I will study in the afternoon, after lunch maybe. I am happy and feel so light, I love how the body feels after running. I will study and relax. I love this day!! I feel so good that I will publish a photo with myself, no face yet but I am so proud of my legs!! I love my lower body now, after resenting it and being ashamed of it for years!!

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