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Fasting – week 26

15th of May 2021 – Saturday – 66.2 kg

I am having some emotional struggles, maybe I am just grateful, I am not sure why I am so emotional. Today we ran some errands, came home, relaxed, and read. I managed to finish my HTML class – 90 points! It was an awesome feeling, I am closer and closer to my goal. Regarding my weight goals, I will have to be a little more active in order to continue to lose weight, I guess this will be better for me mentally. I love yoga, I love strength but I needed a break in order to return now, with new vibes. I will probably start tomorrow, I am o excited to skip one more day :D. I hope I will get back in shape easily. 

16th of May 2021 – Sunday – 65.7 kg

I am planning to have a bubble bath in 10 minutes! I am using my awesome bath stuff from my husband, for my birthday. I can’t wait to stay in my bathtub! I am happy I went under 66, I hope it will be the same tomorrow. I was planning to wear my leather pants for my birthday but I will wear my fancy nightdress and have champagne. The leather pants will come in September because who wears leather during Summer :))? I will get my ideal weight in the next few months, maybe July, I am happy that I am escaping the plateau period. I will start a new workout program, related to reducing stress and we will also go running, I hope :)) I am still depending on the weather, still not so great. Time to go!

17th of May 2021 – Monday – 65.7 kg

Today we had a storm!! It was so cool!!! I missed this feeling. I am also happy with my scale. Today I got myself an ‘S’ size skirt and it fits me well, I can wear it also outside, my backside is not so big, it is firm and smaller. I could see myself smaller in the mirror, it is a wonderful feeling, almost unbelievable. I am still trying to process stuff.  For me is unbelievable that I am 30 and I am living my best life!! I look better than in my 20s, I feel better than in my 20s, I am emotionally stable, everything is just wonderful. It took a lot of work but it is amazing to be this happy. 

18th of May 2021 – Tuesday – 65.6 kg

This is going well but I will take a break from counting calories tomorrow until Friday. We are celebrating my birthday and our wedding anniversary. On Friday we will have a cake party (on Friday the cake could be ready :)) but we love that bakery so much that we could wait), tomorrow we will order food and have a living room picnic. I love our picnics, we have candles, champagne, sweets, and enjoy a Tv show. I can not wait. Last night I could not sleep from all the excitement. I am so happy to be 30! I always believed I will be sad and depressed when I will near 30 but no! All good here !! 

19th of May 2021 – Wednesday – 65.5 kg

I am still going down! I like this, we also ordered food, I listen to my body and managed not to binge. The food is wonderful but I can eat more later. We have also a lot of sweets but I am ok, I managed not to eat them all, without effort. I am sleepy now, I enjoyed this day so much that I am tired from all the happiness. Today was an awesome day! Our house is full of confetti, balloons, and happiness. It is like a dream come true. 

20th of May 2021 – Thursday – 65.7 kg

I am tired, it took 3 hours to get all the confetti out. “All” is not a realistic term, I guess 98% of them. :)) I love our house, it is full of happiness and freedom to express ourselves. I am ovulating so I am retaining water and the take-out food and Pringles are not helping :)) I will probably be heavier tomorrow because I also had a big dinner. I was so busy cleaning that I forgot to eat at a decent hour. Starting on Saturday, I will count my calories again, I took a break because of all the celebrations 😀 We had such a good time!

21st of May 2021 – Friday – 66.2 kg

I was sure this will happen. I am ok, I will be back to 65 after I will start eating fewer Chips :)) I hate people that are making “Bang” noises in the morning!! Why start the house renovation at 8 30!?! Why??? I want to study today and exercise today. Yesterday we went for a big walk because the weather is nice, today is not so fun :P.  I will work out at home and enjoy the lemon tart. We are still celebrating our Anniversary and my Birthday.

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