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30 – No more half-ass stuff

I had no idea that today will be life-changing 😀 I was on the couch, having coffee and I realized that starting from today, I will not have half-ass stuff in my life! I am and will be 100% or 0%. I will not make exceptions and I will be true to myself.

Today I blocked one of my best friends. She hurt me a lot, I avoid writing about that because I thought someday things will be ok but today I realized that I will never be 100% in that friendship and I do not want to keep a shallow connection, just for the memories. I will always be grateful for the memories but I do not do breaks in friendships. I thought I am better than blocking people, better than being mad and suffer but I am not. I am petty and I love myself, accepting I am human.

I am grateful for my friends, I have the best people around me and it feels great! I have a best friend for 20 years! 20 years is a lot of time, she put up with me in various stages of my life and she is still here. Now we are both strong women, dealing with life like adults and also having fun. She made me an awesome video, she even tried to send me a gift but postal services messed up our plans. 

I know my husband for 14 years, he is my home, in his arms I find the home feeling. I could go with him anywhere, my best friend, my lover, my partner. I always believed that when I will be 30, I will be depressed and sad for getting old, but now, when I count my blessings, I am crying with happiness.  

Life also gave me recently a group of awesome women, it is nice to meet people. I did not think I could make new friends around 30 but life proved me wrong. 

This will be a wonderful journey, I hope at my 40th anniversary I will be as happy as I am today. Authenticity will bring even more good stuff in my life!

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

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