Random questions of life

30 – What I learned

  1. Things, people, videos, classes come into our life when we are ready to take the next level. I think is essential to know what you want, so you can see the good things are coming in your way.
  2. It comes a time when some people go. It is life, you will grief over it and let them go because this is life.
  3. You have to learn to clap for yourself, there are days when you will have to do that. Other people don’t treasure what you treasure and that is nobody’s fault.
  4. Following your dreams and healing your inner artist will pay off. I do not know if this will pay off in money, I am not there yet, but it will help you wake up happy and will make you smile while you fall asleep. I recommend ‘The artist’s way’ book, by Julia Cameron.
  5. I read somewhere that is better to change all your bad habits before being 30 years old. I agree, I gave up being sedentary, I gave up smoking and I discovered my voice. Take one bad habit at a time, I recommend everyone to quit smoking. This will teach you so much about yourself and it will be the first step, the first good deed you will do for yourself. 
  6. If you wanted to have a new career, try to learn it. I wanted to see if I could be a programmer, everyone told me I have to learn math and that I would not like it. Now, I am learning JavaScript, I love it and I am planning to make a career change after learning this new skill.
  7. If you wish to be a writer, create a blog and just write. My first blog was a big fail, I was 15 and I quit. I worked 2 or 3 months writing articles on a blog when I was around 20, for money( haha, it was so much time and so little money).  Two years ago I started this blog and then I forgot about it for a while. Last year I started to do this consistently and now I am happy with my progress. If you have something that is always calling your name, give it a try.
  8. Express yourself! Do you want tattoos? Get one! Do you want to get green hair? Do it! As an artist, your soul will be happy. If you are 30, that doesn’t mean you have to dress and be like women in magazines. I tried that but it was not me. I went for my own casual style,  my colorful hair, and my minimalist make-up (lately almost no make-up).
  9. Never stop learning. This is so important for me right now, I love to learn, I love to read and hear stories from people. I think if you stop improving, you can get depressed because just the ‘’job and home’’ routine sounds like a nightmare. 
  10. Your thoughts are your friends, fear is your friend, the mean voice inside your head is your friend but none of them is you. I used to believe in the New Age philosophy, I believed that I should control and doubt my thoughts. Now I realize how toxic that was.  (Here is a nice Reddit post about the danger of New Age movements:  https://www.reddit.com/r/Stoicism/comments/ep4qdy/the_danger_of_newage_thinking_how_stoicism_saved/
  11.   It is ok to have opinions, voice them and stay by them. I believe that there are discussions when your opinions change, but if people become defensive, let them go.
  12.  When you change yourself, you will make the people around you think about themselves, where they are in life. Some people feel in danger and will leave because change is scary.
  13. You are not in charge of helping anyone, you can only help yourself. Some people need to lie to themselves, they will change when you are ready. It is not your duty to burst their bubble. 
  14. Only worry about things you can influence. It is useless to worry about things you can not change. I recommend ‘’How to Stop Worrying and Start Living’’ by Dale Carnegie. My husband recommended the book and it was life-changing.
  15. In the book ‘The artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, you can find a notion named ‘Artist date’. You just take yourself on a date. I would replace that with ‘You time’. Buy yourself a fancy mug and have a coffee, read a magazine, just enjoy half an hour, just ‘you’ time. This can be also replaced with bubble baths and wine 😛
  16. Journaling can change everything. I write 3 pages in the morning (Morning Pages –  2 years already, every morning) and I also write for my blog in the evening. I am journaling twice a day and I love every moment of it. 
  17. I am not special, I am human, I have flaws, I am not better than others, no matter what believed they have. It is essential to not compare yourself with anyone. Work on yourself and just be kind.
  18. Flowers make me happy so I am buying flowers weekly. YOU can buy your own flowers 🙂
  19. Learning history can make you a better person. You can understand other generations and be nicer to everyone. 
  20. The secret is to believe in people. If you believe in people, even when people can not believe in themselves, you can help them move forward and bloom. My husband believed in me and now, I am a different person. Nothing is the same, I am proud of myself, I am growing, I am learning, I am wonderful because he believed in me every day, even in the days when I was really broken.
  21. Have balloons in your house! This changed our life! I received 100 balloons for my birthday (a little in advance)  and we just have 20 around our house. We always smile when we see the colors and play with them during the day. We will always have balloons :)) 
Photo by Johannes W on Unsplash

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