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Fasting – week 25

8th of May 2021 – Saturday – 66.3 kg

Today was an awesome day! We went for a walk, the weather was nice and we could see the Alps. I also received the second part of my gift. It is an awesome pair of socks, with messages and another stuffed animal. Now we have 2 cute squids, one is happy and one is pissed off. I love them both. I am happy that we will go for a run tomorrow and Monday. Monday we should go in the morning because I will have a lot to do. I will go to the doctor in the morning and to the eye doctor in the afternoon. I hope I will be able to be that active all day :)) I will also take some time to study, if not, I will learn tomorrow. 

9th of May 2021 – Sunday – 66.4 kg

I had so much done today! At 8:39 AM we were leaving the house to go running – this is a first for me, especially on a Sunday. I had so much fun looking at the empty park, seeing all kinds of birds and baby birds, enjoying the morning sun. I can not wait to do that again, I hope the rainy season will be finally over and we can go out anytime. I want to go running 3 times a week, maybe when is not raining and cold.  I also managed to do a hard lesson in my online class, I was running from it since Friday, but tomorrow I will be busy and could not be avoided :)) I will go to sleep happy because I managed to enjoy my day and also study. Today was a good day.

10th of May 2021 – Monday – 66.3 kg

I had a full day today. I had to go to some medical check-ups and I was walking a lot. I had a surprise, after 10 years of smoking, my lungs look good! I am so happy that I did not have major damage! After that, I went to the eye doctor and I received good news. I do not need new glasses, I need to use my eyes more without glasses and change my artificial tears. We had salmon with couscous salad. I am still fasting and respect my calorie budget. It was a good day, with gifts and awesome news. Now I will go and relax, chill on the couch because I am really tired. 

11th of May 2021- Tuesday – 66.5 kg

I had a lot to work and I was also in pain. My back hurts and I was on the couch all day. I had a lot to wash, I finally finished them 😀 On Monday, the laundry basket was full, with clothes on top :)) I am looking forward to tomorrow, I will learn. Today I am in the mood for nothing, I want to be a couch animal :)) taking a mental//health body break. I still have to draw soon, I am happy that I managed to stick with this for almost 40 days. I believe the scale numbers will improve soon, because I should lose the retained water during PMS. This losing weight thing really sucks sometimes, especially for women because of the hormonal changes. I wanted to get to 60 kg by my birthday but I decided to eat a little more because I did not want to develop a binge eating problem. I lost almost 8 kg and, even though I did not lose my target weight by my birthday, I am still proud of every gram I lost! 

12th of May 2021- Wednesday – 66.3 kg

We are back to rainy days – for the next two weeks :)) I will try to enjoy this as much as I can. I think we will have to get used to running in the rain because I really want to run. I am so tired of cardio and normal workouts, I need to get out and run, enjoy the sun. I will get back in the game soon after my period is done. I really want to get to 60 kg and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is important to not forget how much progress I made and not get really hard on myself. The weather should not be an excuse but it is really hard on my body, I am trying to get used to the new climate.

13th of May 2021 – Thursday – 66.1 kg

I am happy! Today and tomorrow we are free so it feels like a small holiday. My water retention is getting better, I stopped feeling massive and I am quite excited. When my period is near, I am hungry and I have cravings, now things started to be better, no more cravings, except coffee, I would drink coffee all day. We will go out tomorrow and Saturday so I will work out by walking. I do not feel ready to exercise because my back hurts and I feel ‘meh’. I am planning to start next week and do my regular 4 times a week, this will also help me cope with the stress from work 🙂

14th of May 2021 – Friday –  66.1 kg

I am happy to go for a walk. I hope I will go under 66 until next week. It is quite frustrating to hit a plateau, honestly, I think this is it, I have no other explanation. My fingers still look puffy so maybe I am still retaining water but it is really hard to still have patience. I hope if I will exercise, something will click and I will go back to losing weight, I have 6 more kg to go and they seem to be harder to lose. I am not hoping for going out running, the weather is way too weird this year. Today will be awesome, I will learn because I want the weekend free! 

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