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Unpopular opinion! I do not have a skin care routine

This is something I do not see on social media. I do not have a skin care routine and for years I felt guilty for that. Yesterday something changed.

I was watching video with a woman that was pregnant and she was presenting what she had in her ”Mam bag”. Half of the bag was full of make up and creams for skin care routine. I do not judge her, this is something really common, so common that not doing it, makes you feel bad.

Before the pandemic, I also had a moment when I started to have a skin care routine. I could not see a difference after a while, then the pandemic came and I forgot all about that. I wash my face, use some cleanser sometimes and I do a mask but I do not do this religiously, every day and every night. My skin is ok, I never had a clean, perfect face but I am tired of trying to fit in.

I do not own a foundation, I almost never use a BB cream and I try to avoid make up. I do this because I want to look in the mirror and love the person that is there, fresh out of bed. I use sun screen because I have a sensitive skin and I get a skin allergy from the sun light.

I know that there are women like me out there, never saying something because I think this is becoming a toxic movement. I feel judged by other women, like a peasant :)) It is funny that somehow this used to get to me but I realized : that is not self care. I know people who don’t take care of their body, eat bad, don’t move but somehow, the fact that they are putting a serum and 7 creams on their face, makes them think they are taking care of themselves. I do not say it’s not ok to use a face cream, I also use it sometimes, when I feel my skin is dry. I do not say it’s not ok to use make up but I would love to see women happy with their faces and bodies.

I am almost 30 and I am finally happy when I look in the mirror. Because I quit smoking, I work out and I drink water all day, I look fresh, my face is glowing and I don’t feel the need to be someone else or to put a mask to fit social norms. I am also embracing my natural hair, leave it free and curly, with all the extra volume. I bet the 30s’ will be so much better than the 20s’ , because all the social s#@t will not matter!

I am scared of what will come sometimes. People are changing everything about themselves and it is so exposed on social media that this will become normal. It is hard to love yourself when this is not something that people are still preaching, but try to breath, take a break and look at yourself. Loving yourself means you will take care of yourself, quit smoking, work out, drink water and eat ok. Self care is more than a serum 🙂 !

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