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Fasting – week 24

1st of May – Saturday – 66.3 kg

Today was a hard day. We finished cooking quite early and after that, I had to nap. I wanted to learn but my eyes are really tired, I spent too much time looking at screens and I think I need new glasses. I stayed in bed, with drapes and no lights, to let my eyes rest. I also have to buy more artificial tears. Because I spent two days cooking, I put a pause on my calorie counting – on Monday I will return to my normal routine. I will not overeat but I will also try to relax and enjoy Easter. I love the food we cooked and I am happy I managed to include salads and vegetables in our menu. We will go watch Harry Potter and enjoy our evening. Tomorrow we will have our 7th anniversary.

2nd of May 2021 – Sunday – 66.8 kg

The scale shows that Easter is here :)) I enjoyed the holidays so I ate a little after dinner, some sweets while watching Harry Potter. Today we are watching the last movie from the series, I am  excited because I liked the movies. The first 3 were the best from my point of view but I enjoyed the others also. I am happy I am free tomorrow, I will be able to study a lot. My eyes were better today but I wore my glasses most of the day, especially while learning. I will go on the 10th of May to the eye doctor and see what I can do to see better and be able to read and work on the PC. I am excited, I hope it will be ok.

3rd of May 2021 – Monday – 66.4 kg

I spent most of the day learning. My eyes are better, for now, I tried to spend time learning and less playing on my phone. I play in the afternoon, after learning and I also use my artificial tears. I was not in the mood for exercise today, I will have to get back in my routine soon. Today I started calorie counting again, it was a nice weekend but I am happy I am back to normal. I am drinking my water, I ate ok, not over my calorie budget. My water retention is growing, after the PMS phase, I will see my real weight. It is ok, I am not in a hurry because it is a journey, not a race. 🙂 

4th of May 2021 – Tuesday – 66.4 kg

I am extra happy right now! I managed to get my first website up on a platform and it works. It is really basic but I am happy. I will celebrate with wine, I do not care! Today I did not have time to exercise, we were planning to go out and run but I also had to clean the house and cook so we decided to postpone it until Saturday. It will be very warm and we can get 3 days of running. It will also rain today so it started to be colder after lunch. I worked out during cleaning, it must count. I am tired right now, my eyes almost kill me after looking at the laptop all day. I will have my sparkling wine now 🙂 

5th of May 2021 – Wednesday – 66.4 kg

I am happy my weight is stable, I am still retaining water, my hands feel puffy. I went food shopping today so that counts as a workout. I spent my morning learning so I feel really tired. My eyes still hurt, can’t wait to get my glasses fixed so I can learn pain-free. I am still doing yoga but by myself, no tutorial. I am happy I went soup shopping so I will have soup this week for 3 days :D. I also managed to cook some meat-free green beans, I love them and I can’t wait to eat them tomorrow.

6th of May 2021 – Thursday – 66.4 kg

I am sleepy, here is so cold and rainy and I just want to take a bubble bath. I can’t wait to finish with my eye exam because I want to be able to read for fun. I learned today, this morning but after lunch, I could not concentrate. I am happy I did yoga yesterday, I love yoga. I believe I will see some evolution at the scale during the next weeks, I am back to normal food, with more fruits and vegetables. I also skipped buying sweets, I will insist on fruits because the season is perfect and we have a lot of options. I drink a lot of water and, amazingly, I am retaining it, I can’t wait to get back to normal 😀 

7th of May 2021 – Friday –  66.4 kg

Today is a special day :)) I woke up hard, I went to the doctor, the machine was broken. I went to the grocery store, bought fruits, vegetables and I forgot my umbrella in the store. I remembered that I had an umbrella when I was almost at home. I had to go back, with a heavy bag and flowers :)) It was an adventure! Now I am enjoying a decaf latte, on my couch and just enjoy the rest of the day. 🙂 I will receive some birthday gifts today, I am so excited! 12 days left but my gifts are early to avoid getting them too late. I sent an envelope to Romania, one month ago and it is still not there 😦 

This is one of my drawings! I love these mushrooms.

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