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Fasting – week 23

24th of April 2021 – Saturday – 66.2 kg

I am sleepy, my eyes hurt so bad. We worked at the puzzle all day but I loved it. We did not run today because we had a problem with our pizza delivery and we starved until noon so no more time and mood for running. I won’t exercise today but I spent most of the time moving around the table, doing the puzzle, so that must count 🙂 I do not have much to write because I mostly did the puzzle today. I hope we will finish it tomorrow so we can put it on our wall.

25th of April 2021 – Sunday – 67.1 kg

The puzzle is not done yet, we only have 10% left. I do not have much to write because this is what I did all day. I ran around the table doing the puzzle. I feel sore from staying on my feet yesterday, all day. I am tired because we went to bed really late, I wanted to finish but no chance. We will finish it tomorrow, it is already late. The scale went up because I had a late dinner and drank water really late 🙂 

26th of April 2021 – Monday – 67.2 kg

This morning I realized I am ovulating, I am retaining water like crazy and everything hurts. I will try yoga tomorrow because I do not trust my hands today. I went food shopping and spend a few hours cooking. I am happy I will have food ready for the following days so I will be able to have lunch stress-free. We finished our puzzle, it is already on the wall, maybe I will take a photo and use it for this article. My shoulder pain kept me up a few hours last night so I am tired. I think the pain was because I stayed 3 days in weird positions to finish the puzzle, around 10 hours a day hunched over the table.

27th of April 2021 – Tuesday – 67.4 kg

It is really funny that I woke up at 67.4 and after running and yoga, I am at 67.2 kg.:) I am really tired and my neck hurts because I slept weirdly. I still have to wash my dishes and finish my drawing because I had to take a hot bath, trying to make my neck feel better. Yesterday I did some yoga before sleep because my shoulder hurt. I think I should try new positions of sleeping because the old ones seem not to work anymore. I am also drinking between 1.5 – 2l of water per day, some days are easier than others. 

28th of April 2021 – Wednesday – 66.5 kg

I am sleepy, I almost forgot to write, it is really late. Tomorrow I will go to the office so I hope I will sleep ok. I am happy that today we managed to go for a run, my time is getting better but I love the fact that I am getting sore really fast. Tonight I had a sugar dinner, ate some sweets so I went over the calories but it is ok. Tomorrow will be a hard day, I hope I will manage it. I m still retaining water so I do not trust the scale. Friday I will start my Eater cooking so I am excited. 

29th of April 2021 – Thursday – 66.6 kg

I had a full day. Today I went to the office, I had birthday pizza (in advance), bought some face masks and came home. Because I am ovulating, my emotions are all over the place and I have sadness episodes. As an added bonus, I forget stuff in 3 seconds and I feel like my head is in the clouds. I did not exercise today, I think I will do some yoga tomorrow if I will have time. I want to start my Easter cooking and I will also have to go and buy the things I need for cooking. I was planning to shop more on Saturday but apparently, everything is closed :)) I am glad my colleague told me because we might have to skip Easter :))

30th of April 2021 – Friday – 66.4 kg

Today is about cooking. I will have no time to work out but I will be walking a lot, with bags. Emotionally, I am better today, I am still scared a little about the future but everything will be in order. I hope we will also go running, I love it and I miss that. My colleague told me yesterday that is visible, I am looking skinnier. I have to go now, start Easter shopping and cooking. 

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