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Fasting – week 22

17th of April 2021 – Saturday – 66.5 kg

I feel really sleepy. I like the number on the scale but I am too tired to be extra happy. I was really creative today, I wrote, painted and also did some photos for an article. We had pancakes for breakfast, a nice start to the day. I am still sore, no exercises today, maybe tomorrow. I have to insist on my muscles because I got sore too fast. I am happy for next weekend! We ordered a puzzle with Alice in Wonderland and it will be our project for the weekend. We also ordered a frame so we will put it on the wall after finishing it. I will go and lay down now because I might fall asleep 🙂 I hope the good weather will come soon. 

18th of April 2021 – Sunday – 66.4 kg

I love my Sunday. I had coffee all day, I had time for self-care, watch movies and make an awesome drawing, with me being annoyed at work :)) I love to draw myself feeling stuff, after the drawing is done, my feeling go away. 😛 Maybe I will make a collection with this. I want to draw Gabriel someday, I will need to be more focused. All this coffee makes me drink less water, I am trying to combine them but sometimes I forget the water. :)) I have to drink more in the next 3 hours, to compensate. Tomorrow will be a workout day, I think I will do some strength exercises and dream of the day when we will be able to go out, running. It is a weird spring because we do not have sunny days, it snows and it is really cold. I am still dreaming about next weekend, doing the puzzle and have some pizza.

19th of April 2021 – Monday – 66.2 kg

I am so happy with the results! I am also amazed because this is starting to be a way of life and I do not feel like I am on a diet. I drink water, eat anything but I take care not to overeat. I love it! I exercised today, running gave me a different way of resistance, I think mental strength, so I can exercise more before stopping. I will be sore tomorrow but this week I will be free starting Thursday so I will work out then. I am so excited, maybe this week I will be under 66, maybe 65.8 kg 😀 I am happy. In one month, I will be 30, and I will be the best version of myself! I can’t wait !!

20th of April 2021 – Tuesday – 66.7 kg

I had a late diner, I went over my calories a little but I could not sleep knowing I have fresh lamb meat in the fridge 😀 I love Greek food. This is why the scale went up, really fast but I have no regrets. I feel sore today, I will take a break because I want to be ok for the weekend. The weather seems to be better so we are planning to go out, running. We went for a small walk around the park today, to get some vitamin D and for me to move a little, my soreness is really bugging me. I want to have some wine tonight and finish my fruits, leftovers from lunch 🙂

21st of April 2021 – Wednesday –  66.4 kg

I managed to get a hangover from one glass of wine. I guess this is the downside of healthy living :)) I had a hard day, I was dizzy and my head was exploding for half of the day. I am happy now, I went shopping so I had some relaxing time. I am looking forward to the weekend, we will go running. I am sleepy now, tomorrow I will be free so I will have time to work out. I am planning to cook salmon and broccoli tomorrow, I miss broccoli. I will go and sleep now, long day today.

22nd of April 2021 – Thursday – 66.2 kg

Today I was coding and because I was stressed, my husband surprised me with KFC :)) I love KFC but I am not eating fast food often. It was the best surprise ever! I am still sore and I did no exercise today because I am trying to be ok for our running, this weekend. It was sunny today but cold. I tried to stay outside but it was not that kind of day. I was lazy this morning, I had coffee on the couch, played on my phone (I am making puzzles, preparing for this weekend) until lunchtime and after, I started to do stuff. I needed my lazy time this morning, I was really stressed this week 🙂 I am happy it is over and now I want to go and have a bubble bath 😀 I love them!

23rd of April 2021 – Friday – 66.4 kg

That KFC was not ok with us. :)) I think fast food hates us now :)) I am happy that I know now and I won’t crave it anymore. I would rather have Greek food, is healthier and it tastes better. I am excited that we have a sunny day today and I will go for a walk. I will enjoy this so much. It is also warmer so I will skip the winter coat. Tomorrow is puzzle day so I am making lemonade and we will order pizza. I will go and get my vitamin D! Have a nice day!

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