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Two years of writing – Morning Pages

On the 14th of April 2019, I started writing 3 pages a day.  I am emotional writing this article because two years have passed and I am still writing. My life changed so much and I feel so happy to be here. Some things made me sad but I have to admit that it was better this way.

I found a book, called “The artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron sometime in 2019, I guess in the beginning. I love this book, I always write about this on my blog but somehow I forgot to write an article about what I learned in the first year of writing. I was really focused on my first year of non-smoking, the pandemic just started, a lot on my plate I guess.

My memory is not the best but I can make a list of things that I managed to achieve in these 2 years. I recommend this book, I recommend keeping a diary, for me was amazing and I will write all my life. Before making the list, I want to tell you that is not important what you write, do not judge yourself! My first 2-3 diaries were full of negative things, after a while my life got better and my thoughts got better. I also read a lot, watch videos and understood myself, trying to grow.  

Things that changed in my life while writing every day: 

  1. Quit smoking –  I have an article about that. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can find the article on my blog (link: https://foodandmythoughts.food.blog/2020/05/11/quitting-smoking-one-year-journey/)
  2. I found a job –  I am still working there, it is a part-time job, I enjoy having free time.
  3. I finished my German school, I got my diploma for speaking German – B1 level.
  4. I started working out, I am currently on my weight loss journey, I lost 7 kg, I started running with my husband. I feel that we are both taking care of ourselves.  
  5. I started this blog. I love my blog! I am not a professional blogger but I hope my articles will help someone, someday, somewhere.
  6. I call myself an artist now, I show my drawings online and I also post ugly drawings. I just started a challenge with myself, to draw every day for a year – I am 2 weeks in.
  7. I managed to do 1000 origami cranes.
  8. I realized that I can do anything I want, I can write every day, I can draw every day. There are no motives to stop you, feel free to do it and be happy.  I also write every day for the blog, I am doing this for 21 weeks already. 
  9. I started to learn to program and I am planning to change my career. I want to be a Web Developer when “I will grow up”.
  10. I learned that some people are afraid of being rejected, burry things inside and they become bitter. Some people need small lies to get out of bed and it is not my problem to help them, especially if they do not ask for advice. 
  11. I learned to celebrate myself when I got something going for me. I love that my husband was there every step of the way and helped me grow.
  12. I started to plant flowers and some are still alive.
  13. I buy myself flowers weekly. 
  14. I found my mentor – drawing-wise. I get to learn to draw from someone I admire, I found my style and I am proud of my inner artist
  15. I know that I can stay one year with my husband in the same house and we still like each other :))
  16. Find what makes you happy and do it. I do not speak about a job, I am speaking about a hobby. I had some personal problems but having hobbies helped a lot, not as therapy but as a way of dealing with the issue.
  17. I found the dark side of spirituality and if you are a seeker, please keep an open mind and try to read about it. 🙂 

I think this is all, this is what I can get on a list. The inside changes are hard to write because those are feelings. Overall, happiness was my target and I am there. I am happy with my life, the happiness comes from the inside and helps us fuel our dreams. I hope you will also find what makes you happy!

You can see my notebooks below. This is how 2 years of writing look like 🙂

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