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Fasting – week 21

10th of April 2021 – Saturday – 66.9 kg

I was so happy today! We went running and we can also do that tomorrow. I love the feeling after running, my head is empty and I can see everything clearly. I also had my painting classes, which made things so much better. I think I hurt my shoulder during warm-up but I will see how it will feel tomorrow. I think I know why I was stagnating, I made a modification on my app to add my workout calories to my calorie budget, I thought that this is recommended but I think that was the reason that made my weight stagnating. It is good to know, during running, while speaking to my husband, I realized that. I am sleepy now, time to get some lazy time. 

11th of April 2021 – Sunday – 66.7 kg

We went running today. I am looking forward to Spring because we want to run 3 days per week, I am also hoping to get from 2 to 4 km. I am proud because today I needed way fewer breaks (we just change to power walk, we do not stop) and I was 1 minute and a half faster. I want to get to two laps but during the weekend were a lot of people in the park so we had to take care not to bump into people. I think I will move to no meat food because I tend not to like it anymore. I have periods like this, I will eat more fish, maybe salads or cream soups. This is how I feel today but I will see how I will feel tomorrow. I have my hormones all over the place today. 

12th of April 2021 – Monday – 66.6 kg

I am happy I can see progress in my weight loss, this is an amazing thing. I hope to have less after the water I retained will go away. Today I was busy, I wrote 2 articles, managed some stuff for the blog and I put in place the Instagram for the blog. I was postponing that for a while so it had to be done. No workout today because I am still sore after running during the weekend. I want the weather to improve because I want to run. I love it! Today is snowing, tomorrow will be snowing and it’s really cold. Last night I could not sleep because I was really excited about today. I hope I will sleep tonight. 

13th of April 2021 – Tuesday – 66.7 kg

Today I will get over my calories a little, my period is here and I am in pain a little. I love to have sweet stuff so I will have a beautiful dinner, with chocolate, candy and gummy bears. I am estimating that I will lose some water soon, maybe get under 66, I am optimistic 😛 I love that I see results and that I found the perfect number of calories, that special point where I can eat what I want, I am never hungry and I am also losing weight. I could not exercise today, I was really busy at work, feeling sad and my back hurt. I hope I will feel better this weekend, maybe we could go running. It is still snowing here, everything is gray and I sometimes feel depressed. I want to have sunny days and read outside.

14th of April 2021 – Wednesday – 66.7 kg

My body is sleep-deprived. I am not sleeping well, my body needs Spring. I am not being dramatic, here was snowing, even today. I feel the need to go out, for walks, without a winter coat, stay in the sun, run, have a cup of coffee. I also have some horrible days at work so I am not happy these days :)) I am ok with my weight, I hope it will go down but now I am just trying to take care and nourish my body. I hope I will exercise tomorrow, today I am in pain so I want to stay on my couch and play. I will go do that now, after washing the dishes. 

15th of April 2021 – Thursday – 67.1 kg

I do not know why this happened. I am retaining water because I drink a lot at night. I read that is better to drink water in the first part of the day. I am really sleepy now, my job is a nightmare these days, I hope things will get better soon. I am still learning JavaScript in order to change my job at one point. I workout out today, I missed my strength exercises. I also did a little yoga, I am happy with this. Tomorrow will be my free day, I feel I need to sleep more but I also want to learn and hang out. I went shopping today so I can stay in, here is still snowing sometimes so no running in the near future 😦 

16th of April 2021 – Friday – 66.6 kg

I hope my weight loss will be back to normal if I will run more but right now is really cold. I am fasting, I am eating ok, I am counting calories and I am also eating enough. I do not want to decrease my meals because I could go into binging so I will just hope for the best. I should be losing the water weight after my period but I am not sure, I feel I can not estimate things correctly anymore. I exercised yesterday and my hands are sore. I can barely write on the keyboard because every move hurts. It was funny because I did not feel tired after the workout, I did yoga after and I felt really cocky and strong because I was not tired. I regret everything today :)) I will need a break for 2 days because it hurts so bad.

My yoga and workout place

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