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Bosch TAS1003 Tassimo Happy – Review

Last year I quit coffee but this year I started to drink again. I got tired of my normal, stove coffee so I decided to order a coffee machine.

I am really happy with my Happy machine. I love to spend time on my balcony and have a cup of coffee. Now I have the opportunity to feel like I have my own coffee place at home. 

I also ordered a few types of Tassimo coffees and they taste ok. 

I will start with the bad things about the machine, this is not a paid article.

  1. The cord could be longer, I had to change so things in the kitchen in order to find it a place.
  2. In Germany, I could not find a recycling place special for coffee wrappers.
  3. I would love a Tassimo store in the city, where I could go and buy my coffee and the special descaling tablets without ordering them online.
  4. When I registered my machine, I did not paid attention, and my machine was registered in the UK. I could not find the place where I could report this, after looking all over the site. Now I can not register my machine in Germany, because the serial number was already used 🙂

I feel that the good things count more than the bad ones.

  1. Coffee tastes great, I love it and I am trying not to drink too much.
  2. You can also find hot chocolate, chai and tea. I am still looking for the tea, I did not find it in my local supermarket.
  3.  It is really easy to clean.
  4. The instructions are also displayed in pictures, no need to spend time reading and they also have everything explained on YouTube.
  5. It is a small and elegant machine.
  6. I like that every drink is made according to the instructions that the machine reads in the coffee code, no need to measure and you have the same taste anytime. 
  7. They have also low sugar options.
  8. I am counting calories and I am ok with how many calories one cup has. It is also easier for me to keep count of them, I do not need to measure sugar.
  9. You can enjoy coffee as a coffee shop quality without leaving your home.

This is my overall opinion about the coffee machine. I forgot to mention the price. The Machine was around 30 Euro and the coffee, one set, is around 5 Euro. Latte Macchiato is 5 Euro for 8 cups but you can buy normal coffee, which is at the same price but it has more cups.  

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